A very sweet welcome to the Heidi family

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A very sweet welcome to the Heidi family

Heidi Chef Solutions are proud to announce our latest partnership with Colac from Belgium. Colac™ was founded in 1981 with the first production run of Colac Ice Cream Paste. Colac™ owns the worldwide licence for this exclusive product.

In the nineties, Colac™ expanded its production facilities in Malle (Antwerp), to produce compounds and dessert toppings. In early 2000, further expansion, this time into conventional and organic fruit preparations.

Today, their know-how, flexible service and dedicated product approach guarantee the quality of each and every Colac™ product.

Heidi are excited to bring this professional product range to the UAE market and are proud to add the Colac brand to the Heidi family.

Colac Belgium Toppings

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