Bakery Ingredients


Our flours are milled by bespoke millers both in Germany and the UK using the finest quality grains and milled to exact specifications

  • German origin T45, T55 and T65 grade Flour
  • German origin T997 Rye Flour
  • UK origin Whole Meal and Granary Flour
  • UK origin Organic White and Whole Meal Flour


Our seeds and cereal flakes are processed to the highest standards by some of the most respected seed millers in Europe

  • Oat flakes, Rye flakes, Linseed and Barley flakes
  • Assorted seeds e.g. sunflower, chia and pumpkin


Fillings and Flavours

Our fillings and flavours are of the highest quality and are all bake and freeze stable. Suitable for the production of all types of filled pastries

  • Hazelnut, Coconut, Cocoa, Apple and Custard fillings
  • concentrated lemon flavour in a powder format
  • Belgium origin high quality fruit fillings with a high percentage of whole fruit pieces, toppings and pastes for bakery, pastry and ice cream manufacturers.

Yeast and Dough Improvers and Conditioners

Our yeast and dough improver ranges cover all your bakery requirements from basic to specialised products

  • bread improvers for both crispy and soft bakery products, specialized improvers for frozen bread production and added shelf life products.
  • fat based improvers for the production of Pretzel products and high quality dry yeast for the production of all yeast based bread and pastry products.


Release Agents

Our release agents are 100% vegetable origin and produced to the highest European standards

  • French and German origin products for the releasing of all wheat based bread and pastry products as well as a range of lubricants for cutting and dividing systems.

Bread and Pastry

Our bread and pastry premixes are produced by one of the world´s leading manufacturers and offer the baker and pastry chef a wide range of products

  • A range of bread mixes from 5% concentrate up to 100% mixes, Rye, Wholegrain, Spelt and grain based mixes, as well as a range of speciality mixes for ciabatta, maize products and flavoured breads and rolls.
  • We offer a range of pastry and sweet dough pre-mixes that allow the baker or pastry chef to produce a full range of doughnuts, muffins, sponges, tray cakes and speciality pastries.


Bakery and Pastry ingredients

A range of ingredients developed to add flavour, colour or texture to a range of bakery recipes

  • Our bakery ingredients include liquid sour doughs, flavour enhancers, natural colours and glazes.

Dairy Cream by QimiQ

A range of dairy cream for both pastry and kitchen applications


Frozen Viennoiserie, Rolls and Breads

Our range of frozen Viennoiserie, rolls and breads cover all of your bakeries requirements with a selection of European quality products

  • Bread rolls
  • Muffins
  • Croissants & Danish
  • Brownies

Frozen, ready-to-eat gluten & lactose free

  • Whoopie Pies
  • Cheesecake
  • Ice Cream

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