QimiQ WHIP is the only foolproof dairy cream product with 19% fat for whipping.

It is available in natural, vanilla, chocolate and coffee flavour.


  • QimiQ WHIP is a functional ingredient
  • QimiQ WHIP is used for whipping, for sweet and savoury dishes: e.g. mousses, creams, parfaits etc.
  • QimiQ WHIP can be whipped up to three times volume

Advantages of QimiQ WHIP


  • Replaces gelatine partially or completely
  • Good Stability
  • Deep freeze stable end products possible
  • Quick and easy preparation, consistent quality of end products
  • Longer presentation time – longer sales period


  • Up to three times whipping volume
  • Long lasting, perfect stability for fresh creams and mousses


  • All ingredients can be whisked together one by one in one bowl
  • Cannot be over-whipped!
  • Acid and alcohol stable and will not curdle, thanks to its fine, compact structure and the unique protection of the milk protein resulting from the patented production process. Even the addition of high acid fruit is possible
  • Quick and easy preparation
  • Consistent quality of end products
  • Time saving of up to 60%

Binds liquids and emulsifies with oil

  • No separation or curdling
  • No moisture migration – sandwiches remain fresh and dry
  • Emulsifies with butter and oil
  • Long-lasting perfect stability
  • Longer presentation times – longer sales period

Enhances flavour of ingredients

  • The only flavour carrier which enhances rather than masks the taste of added ingredients. It enables the reduction of expensive and/or fatty ingredients (smoked salmon, truffle oil, foie gras etc.)
  • Cost reduction

Fat reduction

  • Contains 47% less fat than traditional cream with 36% fat, whilst maintaining full flavour
  • Replaces fatty ingredients like cream, butter, oil etc. partly or completely
  • Less fat, less cholesterol!


  • Ambient storage possible
QimiQ Classic in Dubai UAE GCC and Jordan

How to use QimiQ WHIP

Use QimiQ WHIP wherever volume is required. QimiQ Whip is best used refrigerated.

  • Lightly whip the cold QimiQ Whip until completely smooth and ensure that the entire mixture is incorporated (especially from bottom and sides of bowl)
  • Add the recipe ingredients one by one and continue to whisk until the required volume has been achieved

Use QimiQ WHIP with flavour as a “whip and serve” convenience product – for dessert creams or fillings for eclairs, tartlets etc.

QimiQ WHIP can be stored ambiently unopened for up to 12 months. Once opened, QimiQ WHIP should be stored in the refrigerator and used within 3-4 days.

Nutrition Facts of QimiQ WHIP

QimiQ WHIP consists of cream (18% fat), milk, gelatine and emulsifier (acetic acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids). It contains all the benefits of milk, including high quality protein, calcium and phosphorus and therefore offers an important contribution to a healthy diet.

Average Nutrition Values
Energy 866 kJ / 207 kcal
of which saturated fatty acids
18,7 g
12.0 g
of which sugar
4.5 g
Protein 5.2 g
Salt 0.14 g

All QimiQ products contain milk as an allergen

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