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bakery recipes

Spelt Gingerbread Recipe DOWNLOAD OUR SPELT HONEY GINGERBREAD RECIPE AS PDF (storing dough) KO-557 10.000 kg Spelt Gingerbread Mix (2876) 3.500 kg honey 0.750 kg whole egg 14.250 kg dough Processing: Kneading Time: 4 - 6 minutes at low speed Kneader: spiral kneader Dough Rest: 1 day Baking Temperature: 220 - 200 °C Baking Time: 6 - 10 minutes (depending on size) Preparation: Knead all ingredients for 4 - 6 minutes at low speed. After dough rest, roll dough out to 6 - 8 mm thickness. Brush surface with egg coating and allow to dry. Bake with open vent. Egg Coating: Mix 2 parts egg yolk and 1 part water with a pinch of salt.