Our Partners

Without our partners Heidi Chef Solutions would not be the company it is today and they all a part of the “Heidi family”. We introduce to you our partners



The joy of cooking. The pleasure of indulgence

QimiQ GmbH is an Austrian company founded by Rudolf F Haindl and Johann Mandl in 1995, with its world head quarters based in Salzburg, Austria. This leading real dairy Cream Base company, has a worldwide patent, a registered trade mark and produces natural and healthy products. QimiQ is the first major dairy innovation for over 50 years and has won all the most important prizes in this sector, such as the Mercury Award or the ICD AWARD. QimiQ is also the proud bearer of the Agrarmarkt Austria seal, marking a top quality product.

QimiQ is the only foolproof real dairy cream product that is 100% natural and can be used for hot and cold, savoury and sweet dishes. Quick and easy to use, it contains 50% less fat than traditional cream, whilst maintaining a full flavour. It is for these reasons, that QimiQ products are used by top chefs, catering companies, food chains and food manufactures
around the world.

QimiQ reflects the highest passion for taste and dining. QimiQ loves food and connects people who love it too!



Ideas. Brands. Success.

“Ideas. Brands. Success.” is the motto of backaldrin. As a company of bakers working on behalf of bakers, backaldrin works day in and day out to develop new product ideas and recipes. After a tough selection and maturing process, only the best recipes end up in bakeries all over the world. Some of them have what it takes to become successful brands, such as our Kornspitz® grain roll or PURPUR® (purple wheat). But all of them have one goal in mind – to ensure the success of our customers.

Founded in 1964, the family-owned company backaldrin now produces more than 600 products designed for bread, rolls, cakes and pastries. backaldrin is represented in 100 countries around the world, in 15 of which with its own subsidiaries. This specialist for baking goods invests into the future with vision and farsightedness, employing about 850 people and continually creating new, attractive jobs. At backaldrin, the world of baking is open to you.

Steinmetz – Premium Flour


Visionary since 1892

For more than 115 years Steinmetz has washed and hulled their wheat, rye and spelt using a patented process and this has made them one of the leading flour brands in Europe. Scientific studies have proved that this process reduces the environmental pollution, bacteria and bitter substances present on the grain while preserving all of the vitamins and minerals.

By using Steinmetz flour you are using a trusted quality brand.


a perfect symbiosis of raw materials and spraying devices

Day after day, bread, bread rolls, pastries and many other baking goods are made from high quality raw materials.

After baking, in order to remove many of these bakery goods from their pans, sheets, production molds or conveyor bands, and to enable further processing, a separating agent is needed. Horst Groneweg invented the first such agents over 50 years ago.

Over the years, due to diverse eating cultures and local varieties of baked goods, a multitude of separating agents, cutting and lubricating oils have been developed, fulfilling all technical requirements.

In addition to classic separating agents, the company has further developed and expanded their applications in the area of spraying technologies.

With this range of products, the company DÜBOR Groneweg GmbH & Co. KG (a limited partnership with a limited liability company as general partner) has grown from a small family enterprise to become a globally respected manufacturer and supplier of high-quality products for the world’s baking industry.


On top of your Creations

Colac was founded in 1981 when the company produced their first product Colac ice cream paste. Colac then expanded its production facilities in Belgium to produce compounds and dessert sauces and finally they added both conventional and organic fruit fillings.

Today Colac know how and flexible service and product knowledge allows them to guarantee the quality of all Colac products.

Metthews Cotswold Flour Dubai Heidi

Matthews Cotswold Flour

Artisan Flour Milliers

Situated on the edge of the beautiful Cotswold hills in the village of Shipton
under Wychwood this traditional mill produces a wide range of quality organic
and conventional flours. They still use the original building that was
completed in 1912.

They source as much wheat locally as possible and then carefully blend with
other wheats to produce flour of the highest quality.

labrees bakery dubai

La Bree´s

Quality is our ``Maine`` ingredient

LaBree’s Bakery is a family-owned business that produces top quality, home-style baked goods. Their products are currently sold to supermarkets, food services, distributors, warehouses and to the U.S. Government, either directly or through food brokers and distributors.

They take pride in their ability to create custom, niche products. Being a family-run business, they have the flexibility to meet your needs.

bakker seeds dubai

Bakker Seeds

Sourcing excellence

Bakker seeds is a versatile partner in the world of grains, kernels & seeds. For import and export, storage and transhipment, cleaning, blending and other forms of processing. The activities of the company, which is located close to the port of Rotterdam, is focused on raw materials for the bakery, cereal/muesli, biscuit, snack and health industry.

They devote top priority to sustainability and innovation – as you can expect from a modern and dedicated company, run now by the fourth generation of the family.

to be continued