Our Partners

Without our partners Heidi Chef Solutions would not be the company it is today and they all a part of the “Heidi family”. We introduce to you our partners


QimiQ GmbH is an Austrian company founded by Rudolf F Haindl and Johann Mandl in 1995, with its world head quarters based in Salzburg, Austria. This leading real dairy Cream Base company, has a worldwide patent, a registered trade mark and produces natural and healthy products. QimiQ is the first major dairy innovation for over 50 years and has won all the most important prizes in this sector, such as the Mercury Award or the ICD AWARD. QimiQ is also the proud bearer of the Agrarmarkt Austria seal, marking a top quality product.

QimiQ is the only foolproof real dairy cream product that is 100% natural and can be used for hot and cold, savoury and sweet dishes. Quick and easy to use, it contains 50% less fat than traditional cream, whilst maintaining a full flavour. It is for these reasons, that QimiQ products are used by top chefs, catering companies, food chains and food manufactures
around the world.

QimiQ reflects the highest passion for taste and dining. QimiQ loves food and connects people who love it too!

Day after day, bread, bread rolls, pastries and many other baking goods are made from high quality raw materials.

After baking, in order to remove many of these bakery goods from their pans, sheets, production molds or conveyor bands, and to enable further processing, a separating agent is needed. Horst Groneweg invented the first such agents over 50 years ago.

Over the years, due to diverse eating cultures and local varieties of baked goods, a multitude of separating agents, cutting and lubricating oils have been developed, fulfilling all technical requirements.

In addition to classic separating agents, the company has further developed and expanded their applications in the area of spraying technologies.

With this range of products, the company DÜBOR Groneweg GmbH & Co. KG (a limited partnership with a limited liability company as general partner) has grown from a small family enterprise to become a globally respected manufacturer and supplier of high-quality products for the world’s baking industry.

Foodient is a Lebanese-based company that is focused on international customers. Our company is a close family business with a long experience in bakery ingredients since 1985.

Our goal is to give our clients solutions that offer them a constant satisfaction.  Thinking globally and acting locally, we aim to provide our customers the most possible quality and satisfaction.

Panamar Bakery Group is made up of the Panamar, Cobopa, Pacfren and Panusa brands. With a history of more than 4 generations, 10 factories and a workforce of more than 2,300 people, with a clear customer focus, we have become one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of frozen dough in Spain. And always respecting the love for what we do, because our origin is our commitment.

bakker seeds dubai

Bakker seeds is a versatile partner in the world of grains, kernels & seeds. For import and export, storage and transhipment, cleaning, blending and other forms of processing. The activities of the company, which is located close to the port of Rotterdam, is focused on raw materials for the bakery, cereal/muesli, biscuit, snack and health industry.

They devote top priority to sustainability and innovation – as you can expect from a modern and dedicated company, run now by the fourth generation of the family.

PFAHNL Bakery Dubai UAE Jordan GCC

The location of the business on the banks of the Waldaist River Pregarten in Austria.

Pfahnlmühle producer of flour and baking ingredients is being managed in the eighteenth family generation by Andreas and Herbert Pfahnl. In the 1980s, the expansion of the flour improver production was initiated and since then it has been continuously modernised and expanded. Since 2007, the Pfahnlmühle has been one of the most modern and high-tech mills in the world with a daily production capacity of 330 tonnes.

Modern Flour Mills Dubai UAE JORDAN GCC

Modern Flour Mills & Macaroni Factories Co. is a diversified cereal processor based in Amman, Jordan. In business since 1949, the company currently operates a wheat flour mill, a pasta production plant, a snack foods plant and a bakery ingredients production and distribution unit.
Modern Flour Mills is emerging as an innovative regional solution provider for the bakery and pastry industry.

MonoPool is committed to preserving nature and treating our natural resources with respect. We also support artisan bakers by providing high quality, GMO-free, and regionally sourced German flour products to the international food service market. Alongside our ingredients we are international ambassadors to the German baking trade. We further support our clientele by providing recipes for nutritious bread products.

WIESHEU represents innovative products and solutions for professional users of in-store baking ovens, and supplements this with excellent customer service. Marga and Karlheinz Wiesheu founded the company over 45 years ago under the simplest of conditions. In the proverbial garage in Burgstetten, the energetic company boss built his first baking oven with top and bottom heating in 1973, all to prepare a typically Swabian and Bavarian speciality: meat loaf. WIESHEU manufactured the first convection baking ovens for butcher’s shops in 1975.

Frymaster Doughnut Shortening is also suitable for french fries, chicken and meat frying. Combination of Palm Oil, Canola and Coconut Oil. Long Life Donut Frying Shortening created to ensure customer consuming healthier doughnut low saturate fat and no hydrogenated fat, 6 times purification process to ensure to deliver the best taste towards the end product.